Chairman’s has made it easy to quickly get started on using the system. A folder structure is ready in the system, as well as several templates for free use. You are already set for the next board meeting.

To get started, the first thing you need to do, is signing up for your personal user account. After that, you can set up your company and invite other board members. If you have been invited by a company who already uses Chairman’s, just log in once you’ve created your account and accept the invitation.

We have made it easy and clear so that you quickly have a complete structure. We have already set up a structure so you can easily upload or e-mail documents directly into the folder. All folders in Chairman’s have their own specific e-mail address, which makes it easy and fast to transfer the documents to the right folder.

Do you want to test the system first with a demo?

In Chairman’s, the members can for instance:

– create or participate of votings.

– approve documents.

– make notes directly in documents.

– assign tasks to other members or themselves.

– have a personal space for their own notes.

– use a shared calendar, which can be syncronised with each Outlook calendar.

– share documents.

– use Chairman’s as a company archive.

– see particulars of the other board members.

– see contact info for the company’s lawyer, accountant etc.

– use the system for all seats on boards with one login.