Chairman’s gives customer security a high priority. We only use big, acknowledged hosting companies.

Servers and data are situated in Denmark, which for one thing ensures that Chairman’s meets recommendations from Dansk Industri (DI) (Confederation of Danish Industry) and Datatilsynet (the Danish Data Protection Agency) concerning storage of personal sensitive data.

When the customer needs to access their data they are of course in a separate system without connection to the website you are looking at right now. Our data are encrypted via an SSL solution and our login-procedure meets ‘best practice’ with a three-string login consisting of username, password and a new one-time password per login.

All communication with Chairman’s is encrypted so your privacy is ensured, even if you access the system outside of Denmark’s borders.

Safety approval of the hosting companies

The hosting companies and their employees have obtained safety approval by the authorities with the classification rank of “Confidential”, cf. Statsministeriets cirkulære nr. 204 af 7. december 2001 “Cirkulære vedrørende sikkerhedsbeskyttelse af informationer af fælles interesse for landene i NATO, EU eller WEU, andre klassificerede informationer samt informationer af sikkerhedsmæssig beskyttelsesinteresse i øvrigt.

Protection of information is ensured by a series of precautions relating to personnel, physical and procedures, aiming at the information being protected against unauthorised insight and changes.

Audit of the systems

The hosting companies are audited according to Revisionsstandard 3411b by an unbiased accountancy firm. This audit includes review and evaluation of edp controls, work processes and so on. Focus is centered on the forllowing areas:

  • Operational management (including access to server rooms, functional separation in networks, firewall).
  • Documentation of systems, methods and procedures (e.g. routines for updating of documentation, escalation).
  • Physical safety (fire safety, cooling, power safety, among others).
  • Safety copying (backup routines, tape storage, restoring).